Luxury & Beauty

Fine jewellery, quality cosmetics and perfumery for every taste are waiting for you at the Royal Beach Mall

Royal Beach Mall is a must-visit destination for accessory and jewelry lovers. Here, you will find gemstone jewelry, handcrafted high-quality products, and the latest collections from leading global brands.

Altinbas diamonds are always there for special occasions or simply as a gift to show someone how special they are to you. The brand's mission is to offer women around the world a universe of high-quality, expertly crafted, and fashionable jewelry, combined with tradition and heritage. At Altinbas, they believe that jewelry is the key to happiness and celebrating life.

A unique mix of various marquises for every occasion and taste!

At Royal Beach Mall, you will also find Alcozer & J, an artisan company specializing in the creation and production of luxury jewelry. Masterful craftsmanship is at the core of the Alcozer & J brand and is guaranteed by an in-depth knowledge of the art of jewelry making.

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